Being a small family operated business ourselves, we understand that pricing is very important when you are choosing a tax professional. We offer a fair price, based on the time spent preparing your return, done by an experienced tax professional. Every return is different in the amount of time it takes to research and prepare.

However, here is a sample of what has been charged for typical returns:

Simple returns with standard deduction: Federal & one state

Average return with standard deduction, Federal & one state

Average return with rental or small business income.

Complicated returns with multiples

Partnership returns

Corporate returns

Trusts & Estates

Expat returns

Representation cases

$59.00 – $119.00

$125.00 – $195.00

$200.00 – $275.00

$295.00 and up

$350.00 and up

$350.00 and up

$295.00 and up


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The most common representation cases involve: audits, appeals, collections, unfiled tax returns, offers in compromise, hardship determinations, and trust fund cases. Each case is different and therefor pricing is subject to the particulars of the situation, however, most run from $500.00 – $1500.00.

Initial consultations are FREE, so if you have an IRS problem, or questions about your particular situation, call and set an appointment to discuss your case.

Important Note: The very worst thing you can do when you have an IRS problem, is Nothing! Penalties and interest will pile up on top of each other and in short time can double or triple the original amount owed. This is the one mistake that you do not want to make! There is a statute of limitations on debt owed to the IRS, UNLESS, you do not file a return.